Buy British Berkefeld Water Filters

British Berkefeld has been in the Doulton family since the 1900s, known for their robust performance and dependability, the brand has become the first choice, for campers, preppers and many homeowners. Using gravity as a means of passing the water through the filters, the systems are easy to assemble and deliver clean and tasty water in a few hours. Engineered with advanced filtration technology, the filters are designed to enhance water quality in any setting.

Why Choose British Berkefeld?

  • Durable and Reliable: Constructed to endure, with ceramic filter elements that effectively reduce contaminants.
  • Sustainable Choice: Help diminish the reliance on plastic bottles with a filter that provides clean, great-tasting drinking water.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Proven performance in demanding environments worldwide, attesting to their effectiveness and durability.
  • Free Delivery & High Customer Ratings: Benefit from the convenience of free delivery on qualifying orders and trust in products praised by users.

Ideal for anyone requiring reliable water filtration for daily use, out and about or in challenging conditions, British Berkefeld filters offer consistent access to better-tasting water wherever you need it.

Experience the Quality of British Berkefeld Water Filters

Made in the same factory as the Doulton filter elements, but formulated for use in a gravity situation.  The British Berkefeld filters effectively reduce contaminants whilst leaving the minerals in the water delivering you great tasting water in every glass.  
The British Berkefeld ceramic water filters are also compatible with other gravity systems.