British Berkefeld® Ultra Sterasyl® (8674)

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330,32 kr
Pack: One

Ultra Sterasyl® is our bestselling ceramic water filter for gravity water filter systems. The combination of a microfilter ceramic outer, granular activated carbon and heavy metal removal media effectively reduces a range of different contaminants including bacteria, trace organics, enhanced organics, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals such as lead. And as well as working with our gravity water filters, it’s also compatible with all other gravity fed water filter systems on the market.

Change your ceramic water filter candle every six months for consistently clear, tasty and odourless water. If you live in a cloudy water area, you can also clean the Ultra Sterasyl® filter to help restore its flow.

  • Replacement ceramic water filter cartridge, complete with wing nuts & washers
  • Improves taste and odour
  • Reduces bacteria, heavy metals, trace organics, enhanced organics and pharmaceuticals
  • Suitable for use in Berkey & Phoenix Gravity Water Filter Systems
  • Replace every six months for best results

For comprehensive test results regarding the Ultra Sterasyl® Ceramic filter, please click here to download.

What's in the box
  • Ultra Sterasyl® ceramic filter candle to fit Gravity Systems
  • Wingnut & Washers

Width: 49 mm

Height: 177 mm

Depth: 49 mm