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Empowering Better Water Everyday.

Meet the Minds Shaping Your Water's Future.

Pioneering Excellence in Water Enhancement Since 1826.

Embark on a journey with us and meet the team dedicated to enhancing your water experience. Our heritage is steeped in innovation, excellence, and a steadfast commitment to delivering water at its best. Our team of technical engineers harnesses natural materials, combined with British ingenuity, to ensure every drop of water you enjoy is a testament to our legacy of quality.

Behind Every Drop: The Passionate Pioneers of Doulton®

At the heart of Doulton®, a collective of product design engineers, technical engineers and ceramicists, work tirelessly to ensure that every sip of water you enjoy is not just refreshing but full of the natural goodness water should have.  Our experts are not just employees; they are custodians of a tradition that dates back to 1826, each bringing a unique blend of knowledge, expertise, and passion to our mission of enhancing water quality.

 From the laboratories where innovation breathes life into our products our team is driven by a shared belief in the transformative power of better water.  With backgrounds in engineering and guided by centuries-old wisdom coupled with modern technology, they embody the spirit of Doulton® — a dedication to excellence and a commitment to sustainability.

 Join us as we introduce you to the minds shaping your water's future, ensuring that every Doulton® product you choose brings you closer to the purity and taste nature intended.

Pioneering Water Excellence Since 1826

Rooted in the pioneering spirit of John Doulton, our journey began in Britain with a simple yet transformative mission: to enhance water quality naturally and sustainably. Over two centuries, Doulton® has led the way in water filter technology, marrying traditional craftsmanship with innovative solutions.

As we embrace the future, our rich legacy remains our compass, inspiring us to innovate for a healthier world. With Doulton®, experience water as nature intended —fresh, clean and full of life.

Ensuring Better Tasting Water Through Precision: Our Rigorous Testing Standards

At Doulton®, our commitment to delivering water at its best is underpinned by a meticulous testing regime that sets us apart. Our dedication to quality and safety is not just a promise but a practice, evidenced through rigorous, scientific testing procedures that every Doulton® product undergoes.

From our in house laboratories to real world applications, our team of experts employs the latest in water science and technology to ensure our filters meet and exceed global standards. Every filter is subjected to a battery of tests designed to challenge its performance against a spectrum of contaminants. This includes, but is not limited to, particulates, bacteria, and chemicals commonly found in tap water.

Our testing procedures are more than just a step in our manufacturing process; they are our pledge to you. By simulating a wide range of conditions and contaminants, we ensure that when a Doulton® filter reaches your home, it’s not only equipped to improve the taste and quality of your water but also to provide peace of mind that you’re drinking water as clean and safe as nature intended.

Transparency in Every Drop

We believe in the power of transparency. Details of our testing processes and results are openly shared, providing you with the confidence that choosing Doulton® means choosing a legacy of quality tested through time. Discover the science behind our commitment to better water, and why Doulton® remains the trusted name in water filtration across generations and around the globe.

Inside Doulton's Testing Labs: A Scientific Approach

Inside Our Testing Labs: A Closer Look at Doulton's Scientific Approach

At Doulton®, every filter undergoes a stringent series of tests to ensure it not only meets but surpasses industry standards for water filtration. Our testing labs are where rigorous science and innovation converge to safeguard the quality of your water.

Certification and External Validation

We adhere to globally recognised certification protocols to validate the performance of our filters. Beyond internal testing, we engage independent laboratories to test and certify our products, ensuring unbiased verification of our claims. This external certification process reinforces our commitment to transparency and trust.

Microbiological Testing

Our filters are rigorously tested against bacteria and cysts (including Cryptosporidium) to ensure effective reduction rates. Using protocols aligned with international standards, each filter is challenged with specific microbiological contaminants to verify its efficacy.

Chemical Reduction Tests

To assess the effectiveness in reducing chemical contaminants like chlorine, lead, and pesticides, we ensure our filters are tested with the volume of water we claim they can work at and then we test to understand the removal/reduction %.

Flow Rate and Capacity Evaluation

Efficiency in water filtration is not just about contaminant levels with a small amount of water but also about performance over time. Our filters are tested for optimal flow rates and long-term capacity, ensuring they deliver efficient water filtration throughout their lifespan.

Particulate Removal Efficiency

We test the removal of fine particulates, including microplastics, to enhance the overall quality and taste of the water. These tests ensure that our filters effectively reduce even the smallest particles. The following products are NSF certified for the reduction of Microplastics: Biotect Ultra, Biotect Ultra SI, ULtracarb & Ultrasterasyl.

Addressing Cocktail Testing

Cocktail tests are a quick way of understanding what can be filtered with, usually a small volume of water. Unlike some competitors who use 'cocktail testing' as their standard, Doulton® focuses on tests to precisely measure the filter’s performance against each specific contaminant and with the lifetime water capacity of the product. Our results are quoted based on this approach. If we quote a reduction % you can be sure it’s based on the overall capacity we quote for the filter. This method provides a more accurate and reliable indication of each filter’s capabilities.

Cocktail testing can obscure the efficacy of a filter at its full capacity potentially misleading claims about performance.

By sharing these details about our rigorous testing processes, we aim to offer you a clearer understanding of the science that underpins every Doulton® filter. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that sets our filters apart, making Doulton® and British Berkefeld® a trusted name in water filtration worldwide, ensuring that every drop of water you consume is as the best possible quality.

Meet the Experts:

Joy: NPD & Technical Director

Meet Joy, the visionary leader at the helm of our Product Team, driving innovation and excellence in every aspect of our product development journey. Alongside her esteemed colleagues Julie and
Brian, Joy sets the gold standard for performance and compliance with legislative requirements across our entire product range.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Joy oversees the entire New Product Development process in collaboration with Joana, ensuring that each project is meticulously aligned with consumer needs and market demands. From setting project briefs to translating consumer insights into tangible products, Joy's strategic guidance ensures that our offerings remain at the forefront of innovation.

 Guiding our technical and engineering teams with precision and expertise, Joy ensures that every project is executed with utmost efficiency, delivering results that are not only timely but also of the highest quality and cost-effectiveness.

Under Joy's leadership, our Product Team continues to push the boundaries of possibility, delivering products that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of compliance and performance.

Julie: Technical Manager

Meet Julie, our dedicated Technical Specialist committed to maintaining the esteemed standards associated with the Doulton® & British Berkefeld® brands. Working closely with Joy, Operations, and the Quality team, Julie ensures our filters consistently surpass high-performance benchmarks.

At the forefront of our pursuit of excellence, Julie collaborates with external laboratories and certifying bodies to rigorously validate our products' technical prowess. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures our filters deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

Julie also spearheads innovation by supporting New Product Development projects. Leveraging her technical expertise, she provides crucial guidance and conducts rigorous trials to uphold our exacting standards.

With Julie's expertise, every Doulton® & British Berkefeld® filter guarantees unmatched quality and performance, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Joana: Product Manager

As your dedicated Product Manager, I am your advocate, your voice, and your ally in the pursuit of exceptional products that cater to your every need. With a keen understanding of the challenges you face, I translate your desires into features that you will truly appreciate.

 Listening is at the heart of what I do. I pay careful attention to your feedback, understanding your pain points and preferences to continuously refine and enhance the products you rely on day in and day out. Your satisfaction and success are my top priorities, and I am committed to ensuring that the final product not only meets but exceeds your

With me as your Product Manager, you can trust that your needs are heard, your concerns addressed, and your experience optimised to its fullest potential.

Together, we'll continue to innovate and
improve, making sure that the products you depend on truly enhance your life in meaningful ways.

Brian: Senior Engineer

Introducing Brian, our esteemed Senior Engineer, renowned for his unwavering dedication to enhancing the performance and precision of Doulton® & British Berkefeld® offerings. Brian leads the charge in refining manufacturing processes, ensuring unmatched quality and efficiency.

Collaborating seamlessly with Operations, Technical, and Quality teams, he tirelessly strives to elevate both existing and upcoming product lines. Brian's strategic prowess and technical acumen foster continuous enhancement, consistently surpassing customer expectations. Beyond manufacturing optimisation, Brian plays a pivotal role in steering New Product Development initiatives, leveraging his vast experience to provide expert guidance, innovate solutions, and craft prototypes that redefine standards.

Under Brian's stewardship, rest assured every Doulton® & British Berkefeld® creation epitomises superior performance, reliability, and longevity.

Martin: Junior Engineer

Allow us to introduce Martin, our dedicated Junior Engineer, an integral part of maintaining the exceptional standards upheld by Doulton® & British Berkefeld® products. Martin's meticulous approach ensures the integrity and precision of our product lines, aiding in the establishment and maintenance of engineering controls. Specialising in structural integrity and quality assessments, he meticulously evaluates components and suppliers, guaranteeing only the finest materials grace our products. His rigorous assessments ensure every component meets our exacting standards for performance and reliability.

Beyond quality assurance, Martin lends invaluable support to our New Product Development endeavors. Leveraging his expertise in design and prototyping, he contributes to pioneering solutions that redefine excellence. With Martin's steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, rest assured, every Doulton® & British Berkefeld® product is crafted to deliver unmatched performance and reliability, pushing the boundaries of excellence.

Lauren: Assistant Technician

Meet Lauren, our meticulous Laboratory Technician. With a keen eye for detail, Lauren spearheads quality control testing in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Specialising in material safety, chemical reduction, and microbiological filtration efficiency, she ensures that every sample meets our stringent standards.

In addition to her core responsibilities, Lauren helps drive innovation through her support of New Product Development projects, ensuring that our products not only meet current standards but also push the boundaries of excellence.

With Lauren in the team, you can trust that our products are rigorously tested and held to the highest standards of quality and safety.

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