British Berkefeld® Ultra Fluoride (8B76)

SKU: W9120133-01
649,80 kr
Pack: One

Suitable for use in the British Berkefeld® Gravity water filter system, our Ultra Fluoride cartridge delivers all the expected benefits of a ceramic water filter candle, giving superior flow rates in a gravity filter while reducing particles, pathogenic bacteria and cysts. This Element has been tested to remove up to 98.9%* of Fluoride and will adsorb a total 1,950 ppm of Fluoride - E.g. if your water contains 1ppm of Fluoride the Ultra Fluoride will effectively filter 1,950 Litres before needing to be replaced. Doulton® ceramic filter candles retain naturally-occurring minerals that make water taste great.

  • Replacement ceramic water filter cartridge, complete with wing nuts & washers
  • Improves taste and odour
  • Reduces chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, and fluoride
  • Suitable for use in Berkey & Phoenix Gravity Water Filter Systems
  • Replace every six months for best results

*Tested in house with a 1 ppm nominal influent fluoride concentration

    What's in the box
    • Ultra Fluoride ceramic filter element
    • Wingnut & Washers

    Width: 67 mm

    Height: 177 mm

    Depth: 67 mm