Water is a valuable resource and it is the single factor that brings hundreds of companies from across the world together for the European Aquatech trade exhibition.

Held in the first week of November, Aquatech Amsterdam draws companies from 139 countries to showcase, explore and learn all about the latest innovations for water industries.

Doulton Water Filters were again proud to be a part of this vast exhibition, which provides a unique window into a huge range of water industries, including treatment, defence, energy provision and, of course, filtration.

Product launch

Innovation and development are at the heart of all successful industries and exhibitions such as Aquatech really help to champion that approach with firms using the opportunity to unveil their latest products.

Here at Doulton we were delighted to unveil our latest prestige filter - the Royal Doulton ELITE water filter, which combines cutting edge filtration technology in a high-end housing and has been designed specifically for sale in the physical marketplace.

Aquatech was also a great chance for Doulton's global partners and customers to connect with each other and strengthen relationships and well as build new ones.

Exhibitors are dedicated to maintaining and exceeding the very highest standards in the water industry, ensuring that the people they serve receive the best.

Always moving forwards

Indeed with Amsterdam being the location for Aquatech, innovation should be expected to be at the top of the agenda. With nearly a third of the Netherlands lying below sea level, the Dutch have a long history of managing, maintaining and harnessing water.

Always striving for efficiency and searching for new, cutting edge solutions the Dutch are well known for their dedication to creating the best water systems.

Doulton is committed to always working to provide the very best quality of drinking water.

Continual innovation and harnessing new technology means anyone using a Doulton water filter can rest assured they are drinking tap water of the highest standards.

Daniel Berko