Water is vital to the ecosystem, but are we doing enough to protect the water supply? Household products, industrial waste and agricultural run-off cause widespread water contamination that could be avoided - this is what Water Quality Month aims to raise awareness of during August.

Nitrates, chemicals and other pollution find their way into waterways that feed the drinking supply and support the world's eco-system. As a primary action to protect their drinking water, households can install a high-quality Doulton Water Filter, which are scientifically proven to act as a barrier against common contaminants. This simple step will allow families to have peace of mind that the water they are drinking is of the highest quality.

But what about the problem of polluted waterways? We can all play a part in reducing the pollution of water.

Time for change

As the actions of Surfers Against Sewage have shown change is possible. Following a strong campaign by the action group to clean up bathing areas that harboured bacteria as a result of raw sewage being pumped into waterways there was a massive drop in infected areas.

Just 27% of bathing areas around the UK were classed as being an acceptable standard in 1990. That now stands at 98.6%.

While we need to rely on governments around the world to bring in legislation to target pollution generated by agriculture and industry, we can play our part as individuals. The potions, lotions and cleaning products that we pour down our sinks do not vanish, they find their way into the waterways. Likewise, the chemical weed killer and pesticide we use to protect our plants will eventually run off gardens as a result of rainfall and make their way into the water supply.

While individually the effects of these pollutants may be small, the effects of a town doing this collectively is huge. We all need to take steps to help protect the quality of the water that we will eventually end up drinking.

Water Quality Month

So what can you do to help? Water Quality Month takes place throughout August and aims to raise awareness of what we put into the water system that is contributing to pollution.

On a domestic level homeowners are asked to:

  • Avoid using chemical pesticides and herbicides
  • Dispose of paint and oil correctly
  • Avoid blocking or paving over natural drainage
  • Not pour out of date medication down the sink
  • Clean up after pets
  • Choose non-toxic household cleaners

It is within our hands to help maintain a good quality of water but it is also in our hands to protect ourselves from contaminants that may remain in drinking water.

Doulton's ceramic filters can filter a host of bacteria, cysts, and particles, including micro-plastics. Different filtration candles offer a tailored approach to filtration to best suit your needs.

The message is simple - take care of the water you drink, make quality a priority.

Daniel Berko