Homeowners are being encouraged to make changes that could improve their lifestyle as part of a national home improvement campaign - and cut down their use of plastic packaging.

With health standards and obesity increasingly becoming a concern, introducing simple changes at home to support a healthy lifestyle could make a real difference.

Drinking enough water is essential to health, and Doulton Water Filters wants to remind families that home improvement can be as simple as introducing a new feature, such as a water filter.

During National Home Improvement Week, which runs from March 12 - 18, retailers and manufacturers are joining forces to encourage, support and offer tips to homeowners on how to make the most of their home through simple changes.

Water Filters: Home improvement to benefit lifestyle

Doulton Water Filters, a supporter of the campaign, believes lifestyle improvements to the home are a great way to introduce changes that will benefit the entire family.

The company's drinking water filters allow families to enjoy healthy, great-tasting tap water by reducing up to 99.9% of contaminants as well as disinfectants such as chlorine, which causes water to have a chemical taste.

Doulton's ceramic filters also address issues with hard water, which can cause a build up of limescale in the kettle on and is responsible for the film left on cups of tea.

Cut down on plastic waste

Installing a water filter is ideal for environmentally-conscious homeowners wanting to cut down on single-use plastic. Millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away every day adding to the devastating pollution of the world's oceans, which is putting wildlife at risk.

Filtered water takes away the need to buy bottled water - and all the family can fill up reusable bottles and take top quality drinking water with them when they leave the house.

Marketing manager Yvonne Allen said: "Home improvement does not only have to be about undertaking major projects, small steps can bring big improvements, such as installing a water filter".

The excellent taste and quality of filtered drinking water should encourage all the family to drink more water and stay properly hydrated.

Drinking water has been shown to help cut back on snacking, reduce fatigue and is essential to keep the body functioning properly. National Home Improvement Week aims to get people to think about how they could make positive changes at home and adding a water filter is a great place to start.

Encourage good hydration

Health leaders advise that people should consume 6-8 glasses of water each day. With no added sugar or calories water is the healthiest way to stay hydrated.

Doulton water filters can be installed under the kitchen counter and attached directly to the tap's cold water supply, fitted above the counter or are also available in a portable gravity-fed system.

Daniel Berko