British Berkefeld® Stainless Steel Gravity System

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Save money on expensive bottled water with the British Berkefeld® Gravity System – the ideal solution for enjoying filtered drinking water away from home.

Compatible with Ultra Sterasyl® or Ultra Fluoride filters, this stainless steel, gravity fed system is simple to operate with no plumbing required. Just fill the upper chamber with municipally-treated water, and the filter will reduce common contaminants, chlorine, organics and lead from your water.

Not only does the system deliver unmatched filtration, it’s also really easy to assemble, take apart and store – great for camping trips, using in the garden, or for staying prepared for any emergency situation.

Pioneers of better tasting water since 1826, British Berkefeld’s® unrivalled expertise, experience and innovation is inherent in every product. All our gravity water filters go through a rigorous testing process to guarantee consistently excellent results, proudly carrying the ‘Made in Britain’ stamp as a hallmark of integrity and quality.

Water is essential to our wellbeing. With a British Berkefeld® gravity filter, you’re giving your body the best – so you can live a happier, healthier life to its full potential.

  • Portable gravity water system
  • Choose from 6L, 8.5L or 12L.
  • 6L - (Dimensions: 181mm x 181mm x 461mm) - Filtered Water Capacity: 5.6L
  • 8.5L - (Dimensions: 211mm x 211mm x 505mm) - Filtered Water Capacity: 7.8L
  • 12L - (Dimensions: 229mm x 229mm x 603mm) - Filtered Water Capacity: 11.5L
  • 2 Ceramic Water Filter Cartridges fitted as standard
  • 6-month filter replacement cycle
  • Suitable for use in Berkey, Phoenix, Purewell and other Gravity Water Filter Systems

For comprehensive test results regarding the Ultra Sterasyl® Ceramic filter, please click here to download.

      What's in the box
      • British Berkefeld® Gravity Fed Filter System - two cans & lid
      • x2 Ceramic Filter Elements with Washers and Wingnuts
      • Gravity Tap
      • Instruction Manual