Diabetes and Drinking Water | Diabetes and Water Intake

The Importance of Drinking Water If Suffering From Diabetes

Good hydration is essential for health but this is particularly true for people living with diabetes. Due to the nature of their condition, diabetics are more susceptible to suffering from dehydration and its debilitating effects. 

Diabetes sees excessive levels of glucose in the body that cannot be controlled either as a result of there being no insulin – as in the case of Type 1 diabetes – or the body is unable to properly utilise insulin, as in type 2 diabetes. Left unmanaged this can cause serious health problems including retinopathy, an increased risk of heart disease and nerve damage.


Why is hydration important with diabetes?

As well as medical intervention diabetes patients have to take care of their lifestyle to help regulate their condition, this includes drinking enough fluids. 

Does drinking water flush out sugar?

Drinking water is important as when glucose levels are high fluids help the kidneys to flush excess sugar out of the body. High levels of glucose in the body draw out fluids putting people with diabetes at a higher risk of suffering dehydration. In fitting with this increased thirst is an early sign of diabetes. Stay hydrated with a water filter bottle.

Diabetes and Drinking Water | Diabetes and Water Intake

Fresh drinking water: nothing added

Drinking water regularly will help to maintain hydration as well as being good for general wellbeing and health. Having no added sugar, calories or carbohydrates makes water the ideal choice of drink for diabetics.   

Many fizzy drinks – including diet versions – are packed with sugar and carbohydrates and bring little or no nutritional value to the body. 

In the case of people who have been warned they are pre-diabetic, taking swift action to swap drinks laden with sugar and sweeteners for filtered water is an easy but important step to take control of their lifestyle – and their future health.  


Why is drinking water important for diabetics?

Drinking water will help the body to flush out excess glucose as part of a lifestyle management program when a problem with blood sugar has been flagged up. 

Having fresh filtered drinking water on tap is a great way to remember to keep fluids topped up – and stop you from reaching for a less healthy alternative.