Home remedies are often suggested as the best way to fend off the troublesome common cold and drinking water is a great place to start.

We've all been there - the streaming eyes, blocked nose, sore throat and endless cough. The common cold, as common as it is, can really knock you for six.

The NHS spends some considerable time sending the message that antibiotics will not help and the best solution is to let nature take its course.

With no cure for the common cold there are endless remedies, both medicinal and home-made, that claim to help. One that really does help is staying hydrated by drinking water.

So, while stocking up on honey, lemons and tissues also make sure to drink enough water.

Why does drinking water help a cold?

While drinking more than you need is never recommended, drinking what you need is important.

This is particularly the case when suffering from a cold as fluids can be lost though having a runny nose and sweating with a fever.

More than just replacing lost fluids though, drinking water helps to loosen the mucus responsible for a blocked nose and chesty cough, managing the symptoms that cause discomfort.

Making a salt water solution to gargle with is also a traditional remedy to help ease a sore throat.

Drinking hot water can be particularly helpful when suffering with a cold as the steam helps to ease congestion.

Hot water with honey and lemon

Adding lemon and honey will not only make drinking hot water more tasty but can also help to ease sore throats, while the honey also acts as a natural cough suppressant.

In terms of wellbeing generally, drinking water helps the body to flush out toxins to keep the immune system in good working order.

Staying hydrated is essential to good health, so give your body a helping hand when suffering from a cold and stay hydrated by drinking filtered water.

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Daniel Berko