To millions of people across the world the only way to start the day is with a good cup of coffee - but is it with filtered drinking water?

Last week UK Coffee Week shone a spotlight on the relationship between coffee and drinking water. This annual campaign aims to get coffee drinkers to give back to the farming communities that create the initial product by supporting a fund to improve access to clean drinking water.

Water is key to the coffee industry, from farming the beans to brewing a cup in your own home.

Clean drinking water for all

Yet the cruel irony in the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee is the harsh reality that some of the farming communities producing coffee beans do not have access to clean drinking water themselves.

To that end, UK Coffee Week works to make a difference by raising funds to bring clean drinking water to those communities.

In support of the initiative, coffee shops are encouraged to hold events, or donate cash from each cup sold, to Project Waterfall, which has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds to help bring clean drinking water to communities in Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

By getting behind the fundraiser, coffee drinkers can give back to the communities that work to bring coffee to the world. Access to clean drinking water is the key ingredient to a better quality of life for those struggling to find a supply.

How filtered drinking water can improve your coffee

With the surge in popularity of coffee houses on our streets, self-styled home baristas are taking up the gauntlet and creating their own ever elaborate creations.

While there is a real art to crafting the perfect cup of coffee, starting with the best materials is certainly a help. So why invest in the best quality beans and a state of the art machine, then leave the quality of water to chance?

A fantastic, aromatic cup of coffee is the sum of all parts and good quality drinking water is the key ingredient. Using a water filter to remove any contaminants will improve the taste, texture and appearance of your coffee.

By using a device such as a Doulton Water Filter you can be sure of healthy water every time you fill up your coffee machine. Reducing chemicals and bacteria with the natural ceramic filtration method will result in a smoother brew and a more consistent taste.

Most coffee houses rely on a water filtration system to maintain the quality of their product, so to get the same great taste at home a water filter is a great investment.

Water filters also help to stop "scum" forming on the top of hot drinks. This is caused by the presence of calcium, along with other chemicals, in drinking water. Particularly problematic in hard water areas, the use of a water filter will help to stop this unsightly appearance on hot drinks, and also help to preserve the workings of coffee machines by reducing the formation of scaling inside.

To brew coffee like a professional, invest in the right equipment and make sure your main ingredient - drinking water - is up to the job by using a water filter.

Be sure to check out what's on offer for National Tea Day on 21 April and remember the importance of a truly healthy cuppa.

Daniel Berko