Many commitments to change are made with the beginning of a new year, but one that has real global momentum is a resolution to cut plastic waste. Already, 2018 has seen the Iceland supermarket chain commit to making all its own-brand products plastic-free within five years, while the British Government has proposed plastic-free supermarket aisles as part of a 25-year plan to stop the use of 'avoidable' plastic.

While rapid changes are being sought, Doulton Water Filters already offers a sustainable alternative to using plastic water bottles. Environmentalists have known for years that plastic waste is a serious problem - that this material so readily used in so many everyday items is a disaster in waiting for the natural world.

Now the world has woken up to that reality. Shocking images of trapped sea life, birds feeding plastic to their young and islands of plastic waste in the world's oceans have grabbed the public's attention.

While many resolutions have been made - and no doubt broken - one resolution that needs to go the distance is a commitment to cut out plastic packaging where necessary, particularly single-use plastic.

How can I cut back on plastic use?

While we know the time for change is overdue, retailers and manufacturers are scrambling for a solution. Plastic is used in toothpaste, cleaning products, and food wrapping - it is everywhere.

Committing to cutting back on plastic doesn't have to be an all or nothing approach from day one, making small changes every day will add up to a big difference while solutions are found to transform products reliant on plastic.

The Role of Water Filters

There is no need to wait for plastic-free aisles to play your part in reducing plastic waste. There are some very easy places to start cutting out plastic packaging and not buying bottled water is the most obvious.

While supermarkets - and governments - search for an alternative to plastic packaging, plastic-free water is already easily available thanks to water filters and reusable bottles. Single-use plastics such as water bottles are a major part of the waste problem, just imagine how many bottles of water are consumed and thrown away around the world every day.

There is absolutely no need for this. Doulton Water Filters deliver water straight from the tap that is clean and tested to the highest standards to ensure the highest quality. Bottled water costs up to 1,000 times more than tap water, has repeatedly been found to be no healthier.

Plastic-Free Water: An Easy Solution

Reusable bottles, made with stainless steel or glass, allow people to fill up at home from water filters and take their own top-quality water with them. More water filters would mean fewer plastic bottles - an easy solution that can be put in place quickly.

The argument is simple: bottled water costs you, the consumer, more and every bottle you buy adds to the problem of plastic waste.

Consumer power drives change and when choice registers at the checkouts, manufacturers will take notice. The developed world certainly does not need water in plastic bottles. Use a water filter and a refillable bottle and play your part in cutting plastic waste now.

Daniel Berko