A decade on and the world seems to have changed immeasurably with wellness and the environment commanding our attention. Just 10 years ago as we entered into this decade, plastic pollution while most definitely a problem, had not truly entered into mass consciousness.

We all knew too much sugar was bad for us, but the scale of the problem was perhaps not realised to its full extent. And while we were all aware that rest and diet were essential to health,˜ wellness' as a lifestyle was undoubtedly not branded up in the same way.

Social media, television and the passage of time - as relayed through news reports - have woken the public at large up to the need for better diets, more sustainable living and a respect for our bodies and the planet.

Say goodbye to single-use plastic, choose filtered water

It was only in the last couple of years that the war on plastic really took hold yet now it is commonplace for parents to choose stainless steel refillable water bottles for their children, commuters to carry their own travel coffee cups and for families to shun products in single-use packaging.

These issues are close to the heart of Doulton Water Filters. As a water filtration company, our message is to drink water healthily and sustainably.

With a rich heritage in the ceramics industry, Doulton uses all-natural clay as a base to create world-class water filters that target contaminants in drinking water just as we have done for more than 185 years.

It is not news that water is good for you it is essential to life but the good that choosing water as a drink can do for your health has risen in prominence as the focus shifted to wellbeing and looking after yourself in a 24-hour society.

Drinking water helps to improve concentration in adults and children alike, flushes out toxins, hydrates the skin, supports brain health and aids weight loss. It is also a much better choice for your teeth than sugar-filled fizzy drinks.

Unfortunately, the prevalence of stress and obesity in the last decade has pushed the need for healthier options into the spotlight drinking water, taking more exercise and getting five portions of fruit and veg a day. Drinking more water is a simple step to take. Choosing tap water instead of bottled water will even save you money.

Taking longevity and sustainable living into the new decade

Change begins in the home, where quality can influence decision-making. The improved taste and odour of Doulton filtered water should encourage all the family to drink more water and to take it with them when they leave the house, rather than buy bottled water.

Doulton Water Filters is an emblem of longevity and quality through the standards of water filtration that has seen our product remain as relevant today as 185 years ago. Sustainability and longevity will continue to gain importance through the next decade, as will health and wellbeing.

Protect your health by drinking quality filtered water and embrace sustainability by using a Doulton Water Filter, while turning your back on single-use plastic.

To add a Doulton Water Filter to your home, find the filtration system that is right for your family from our range.

Discover the Doulton difference and raise a glass to a new decade of improved wellbeing and sustainable living.

Daniel Berko