Groundwater is the vital resource, necessary for all aspects of mankind and ecosystem survival. Subsequently, drinking water quality is one of the greatest factors affecting human health and is an indispensable resource that humans need to live by.  


Are you aware of what pH tap water is in the UK?  

The term pH, potential of hydrogen, refers to a measure of the concentration of hydrogen ion (H+) and hydroxide ion (OH-) in a solution. Although pH usually has no direct impact on consumers, it is one of the most important operational water quality parameters. Careful attention to pH control is necessary at all stages of water treatment to ensure satisfactory water clarification and disinfection. World Health Organisation declares that the pH of water is a measure of the acid–base equilibrium and, in most natural waters, is controlled by the carbon dioxide–bicarbonate–carbonate equilibrium system. In other words, the pH value is used as a standard to measure the properties of water and indicates whether it is acidic or alkaline.  


What pH should drinking water be and what is a good pH for water?  

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 indicating neutral. So, if you’re thirsty and need to quench your thirst, The UK drinking water quality regulations from the Drinking Water Inspectorate ( specify a minimum pH of 6.5 and a maximum pH of 9.0.  Any change from these numbers will cause a change in the taste and colour of your water. The best practice is to test the pH of your water every six months so you can enjoy clean and healthy well water every day. If you want to know how to test the pH of water, it’s not really that complicated. There are many types of ready-made pH strips are available on the market with different pH ranges and sensitivities.  

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