Doulton Water Filters will be urging families to make changes to create a healthy home in support of National Home Improvement Month. Focusing on the role that good hydration plays in health and wellbeing, Doulton Water Filters will be encouraging families to focus on drinking more water and using a filter to ensure quality.

Last year's inaugural National Home Improvement Week message of "love the home you live in" engaged 11 million people by offering inspiration, tips and advice. Off the back of that success the initiative, which is organised by suppliers trade association BHETA, will this year run throughout the entire month of April.

With numerous big-name suppliers backing the event, information and offers will encourage people to make the changes they need to their home, however big or small.

Inspirational DIY vlogger Georgina Burnett and former host of DIY SOS and 60 minute makeover Julia Kendell will be helping to inspire homeowners by taking on the role of ambassadors for National Home Improvement Month and offering inspirational advice. As research found that 69 per cent of people admitted they do not love their home, National Home Improvement Month will be encouraging people to make just one change to their home that would make them happier. With the kitchen being revealed as the number one priority when it comes to rooms to renovate, Doulton Water Filters wants to encourage families to make sure sustainable, quality hydration is a key consideration in kitchen refurbishments.

As well as being mindful of a kitchen's capacity to deliver nutritious meals, Doulton will be reminding families throughout April that good hydration is just as important to health and wellbeing.

Marketing manager at Doulton Water Filters, Yvonne Allen said: "Filtered water tastes great, is free from calories and sugar and helps to support good overall health. Using a water filter removes up to 99.99% of contaminants, including chlorine, which can leave a chemical taste. The better drinking water tastes the more likely all the family are to drink more of it."

Installing a water filter is a sustainable method to enjoy clean, quality water without adding to the problem of single-use plastic pollution by buying bottled water.

Doulton Water Filters is delighted to be supporting National Home Improvement Month to inspire families to make a change that is good for their health and that could help to cut single-use plastic waste. We manufacture a range of countertop, undercounter and gravity-fed water filters from our base in, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire using natural ceramic methods.

Daniel Berko