Type 2 diabetes has become a major health problem in the UK and with more people than ever at risk of developing the condition, it is vital to understand your risk and how to manage it and that drinking water can help diabetes.

More than four million people are believed to be living with diabetes in the UK alone and this figure is expected to hit 5.5 million by 2030. Globally in excess of 400 million people are affected by diabetes.

November 14th marks World Diabetes Day a chance to raise awareness of the issue and efforts to find a cure. Currently, there is no cure for diabetes and it can cause serious health complications including sight loss, heart disease, kidney damage, nerve damage and foot problems.

While there is nothing that can be done to lower your risk of type 1 diabetes, where the body fails to produce insulin, three in five cases of type 2 diabetes are preventable.

Managing the body's relationship between sugar and water

The drastic rise in type 2 diabetes has been linked to a global increase in obesity with people eating more high-sugar, fatty foods and failing to get enough exercise.

As diabetes results in excessive levels of glucose in the body that cannot be controlled naturally through insulin, diet plays an important part in managing the condition. This means being cautious about the amount of sugar that you consume.

What is the best drink for diabetics?

Many drinks are laden with sugar and calories often with little nutritional benefit in return. To maintain a healthy weight and help to control blood sugar the best drink for diabetics to drink is one that has no added sugar but that keeps the body hydrated.

With this in mind, filtered water is an ideal choice along with sparkling water and tea, coffee and herbal tea. To enjoy coffee and tea at their best, use a water filter to enjoy a smoother brew.

Whether you are pre-diabetic, managing diabetes or want to maintain your health to reduce your chance of developing diabetes, drinking filtered water is one of the best drinks to choose.

The importance of diabetes and water consumption

As well as avoiding excess sugar and calories in your choice of drink, it is important to remain hydrated. Regularly consuming filtered water throughout the day will provide you with improved taste and odour due to the filtration process, inevitably encouraging people to drink more.

Amongst other mental health benefits, hydration is important to stay focused and fend off fatigue, which is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

Water also works to flush excess glucose and sugar out of your system as part of the body's natural process. Having too much glucose in the body causes more frequent urination as the body tries to get rid of it leading to excessive thirst, answering the question why do untreated diabetics drink so much water.

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