Why Choose Doulton?

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Doulton® has been committed to providing you and your family with the finest natural drinking water filters since 1826. We’re proud to be an eco-friendly manufacturer with multiple industry certifications and recognised by the highest international quality standards. Made in Great Britain, Doulton® ceramic water filters are convenient, versatile and economical, derived from naturally occurring raw materials. Improve the look, taste and odour of your water by filtering out unwanted contaminants to enjoy a truly refreshing drink for everyone.

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Product Performance

Millions of ceramic filter candles find their way into family homes and outdoor environments across the globe every year. Located in North Staffordshire, the Doulton® facility manufactures and distributes to 140 countries from the heart of the UK’s traditional pottery industry.
Our heritage and commitment to clean water filtration is built on years of innovation and the highest international standards to ensure a quality product, every time.

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Why Ceramic?

Water filtration using ceramic naturally occurring raw materials is one of the oldest and most effective methods available.

In the natural world, water passes through layers of rock, which acts as a natural filtering process. Doulton® emulates this process through multi-stage filter technology, combined into a single ceramic water filter to guarantee superior drinking water. The best recipes are always handed down through generation to generation aren’t they?

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Product Range

Since 1826 Doulton® has manufactured market-leading water filters, water treatment cartridges (pre filters) and filter housings (the casing to hold or connect your filter).

Choose from a wide range of effective solutions developed to match different household water flow rates, housing units and target numerous pollutants.

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