The message to cut out plastic is undoubtedly being heard loud and clear - but what does this mean for grabbing a drink on the go and being confident in the cleanliness of the water you are drinking? Change challenges many of our perceptions and those used to cracking open a plastic bottle of water may struggle with the concept of trusting public water fountains or even free taps. People often question, 'is tap water safe to drink?', but really there's no need to worry.

Tap water in the United Kingdom is incredibly clean to begin with. Yet, to give yourself absolute certainty if concerned about the hygiene of the source, the wise choice is to use a water filter.

Get into the habit of carrying drinking water with you

Change becomes second nature when new habits are formed to replace old habits. Getting into the habit of carrying water with you whenever you leave the house, no matter where you are going is good practice.

By doing this you should not only avoid reneging on your pledge not to buy plastic bottles by getting caught out with no other option but you can also take control of the quality of your drinking water. Plus, if you find yourself asking 'how can I drink more water?', carrying a bottle of water with you is an easy answer.

Using a water filter at home allows you certainty in the quality of the water you are drinking. As well as improving the taste through the reduction of chlorine, a Doulton water filter will remove unwanted contaminants from your drinking water.

Investing in a good quality water bottle will let you take drinking water that you trust with you when you leave the house, letting you have control over the quality of the water you are drinking.

Choose portable filtration with a filter bottle

In the age of convenience, it's only natural that people concerned about the hygiene implications of filling up drinking water bottles from various sources will want a solution that can be carried with them and offer proven water filtration. This is exactly what the Doulton TASTE filter bottle does.

This super portable water filtration bottle lets everyone fill up with their water bottle wherever they are, safe in the knowledge that harmful contaminants will be targeted by the highly efficient built-in water filter. So, you don't have to worry whether or not your tap water is bad for you, as our ceramic filters help to remove up to 99.99% of contaminants, including microplastics.

The answer is simple for people concerned about hygiene when drinking water from public supplies - use a filter bottle or carry your own filtered water.

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