A new campaign by Doulton Water Filters will highlight the importance of water filters in creating a healthy home.

The benefits of a healthy diet on physical and mental wellbeing have been well publicised by Government and health campaigners.

In a series of "Healthy Home" promotions, Doulton Water Filters will remind families to make sure hydration remains a priority.

Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, cutting back on processed food, taking more exercise and drinking more water are all important factors in protecting your health.

While the focus for wellbeing can rest on taking more exercise and eating a balanced diet, hydration is a key factor. Staying hydrated will mean energy levels and mental sharpness are maintained to support the effort and planning needed to support an active and healthy lifestyle.

Dehydration can be a serious issue if left untreated and even minor dehydration can cause fatigue. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is recommended by health experts to keep the body hydrated.

Adding a water filter to the kitchen is an excellent way to encourage families to drink more water, which the Healthy Homes campaign will highlight.

The Healthy Homes campaign will also highlight the fact that health and wellbeing is about the environment that we create and live in. Targeting contaminants, pollutants and allergens in our home makes sense for individual families and the environment.

Raise a glass of filtered water to a healthy home

Water Filters remove contaminants from drinking water ensuring it is clean and tasty. In particular the disinfectant chlorine, which is classed as an irritant, is removed when using a water filter, while other filters can target contaminants such as heavy metals or fluoride.

With a big emphasis on the need to cut down on waste in general, and single-use plastic in particular, the Healthy Homes campaign encourages a holistic approach to taking charge of your home environment to boost your health.

Filling up a bottle with filtered water instead of buying single-use plastic bottles is a simple step to take to cut your waste footprint and stay hydrated.

Drinking water is symbolic of the changes we can all make for a healthier life. More of the things that are better for you, free of unwanted contaminants is a good way to approach healthy living and to create a healthy home.

The Healthy Homes campaign will be appearing in national media over the coming weeks.

Find out more about Doulton Water Filters here.

Daniel Berko