Winter is the height of the flu and cold season which means taking care of yourself is perhaps more important than ever, including drinking water for your health. Our bodies have to work harder to stay healthy in cold weather, which makes eating the right food and drinking enough water essential.

Staying healthy and feeling your best will mean you can enjoy the best the festive season has to offer.

How drinking water can help you stay healthy over winter

Several factors need to be taken into consideration to make sure you remain healthy over winter, including staying warm, avoiding germs through efficient handwashing, eating properly, getting enough rest and drinking enough fluids.

Taking these steps to help avoid infections or exacerbation of illness, will let you make the most of Christmas. While drinking enough water is important to maintain the function of a healthy body it can also help in other ways.

1. Avoid dry skin this winter

Drinking water will help to keep skin hydrated, helping to fend off the dry skin and eczema that can be such a problem for so many people as the changes in temperatures and central heating take their toll.

2. Battle the common cold

Drinking water helps you to battle a cold by replenishing lost fluids and helps to loosen mucus to ease a cough or blocked nose.

3. The importance of winter in staying active

Dehydration can make you feel fatigued, which will probably be enough to damage your resolve to keep fit throughout the winter. Staying hydrated by drinking water will help to maintain energy levels to support exercise throughout the colder months.

4. Managing allergies and diabetes

If you suffer from a food allergy or diabetes, the need to manage these is ever-present. At Christmas, in particular, when eating and drinking take the centre stage, drink adequate levels of water to maintain a healthy response from your body. Water helps to regulate histamine levels, which is important in an allergic reaction. In the management of diabetes, drinking water helps to flush excess levels of sugar out of the body and to combat the increased risk of dehydration.

And, of course, drinking water is the secret weapon in the fight against any Christmas hangovers.

Enjoy Doulton filtered water this winter to make sure you feel at your best during the festive season and beyond.

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Daniel Berko