Doulton® Biotect® Ultra SI (2505)

SKU: W9123051-01
741,08 kr
A cartridge water filter produced from a ceramic microfiltration body and an activated carbon block, Biotect® Ultra SI is our most advanced water filter yet. As well as delivering Doulton’s® exceptional standard performance, it’s the range’s only water filter cartridge to reduce monochloramine, cadmium and mercury and prevents scale deposition. As a replacement water filter cartridge, it’s designed for use with undercounter water filters with an M12 fitting.
  • A sustainable way to enjoy better tasting water
  • Enhances taste, odour and clarity
  • Reduces bacteria and cysts, insecticides and herbicides, and heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury. Prevents scale deposition from temporary water hardness
  • Designed for use with an M12 fitting
What's in the box
  • Biotect® Ultra SI Ceramic Element

Width: 49 mm

Height: 254 mm

Depth: 49 mm