Doulton® Ultracarb M15 Filter (5594)

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371,00 kr
Pack: One
The Doulton® Ultracarb M15 Ceramic Drinking Water Filter Candle is compatible with the FRX01 - FRX02 element for the Franke 02, Triflow & Filterflow 1st Generation Plastic systems.

The Ultracarb M15 Ceramic replacement water filter cartridge harnesses the power of activated carbon to remove chlorine and organics from your water. Manufactured in EPA-registered premises, the ceramic filter candle is fitted with an activated carbon block containing lead removal media to eliminate this contaminant from your water too. Gives you a sustainable alternative to bottled water

  • Reduces chlorine, bacteria, cysts, sediment and heavy metals such as lead
  • Enhances taste and odour
  • Lasts for 6 months

    What's in the box
    • 1 x Ultracarb M15 Ceramic Filter Element

    Width: 49 mm

    Height: 248 mm

    Depth: 49 mm