Doulton® Filter Bottle Replacement Cartridge

SKU: W9124005-01
284,68 kr
Keep your Doulton® Taste 2 Water Bottle working at its best with this replacement filter for water bottles. Easily swap your old cartridge for new and filter common contaminants and particulates like dirt and microplastics, and reduce chlorine by up to 95% and heavy metals by up to 90%.
There’s no need for plastic mineral water bottles – simply fill up from your mains water tap and enjoy better tasting water from Doulton®.
  • Replacement carbon filter for the Doulton® Taste & Taste 2 water bottle
  • Reduces chlorine, heavy metals and organic contaminants
  • Up to 3 months or 300Litres of better tasting water dependent upon water quality

    What's in the box
    • 1 filter cartridge for 3 months use/ 300 litres

    Width: 61 mm

    Height: 118 mm

    Depth: 62 mm