Royal Doulton Elite

SKU: W9330280-01
2.806,29 kr
The Royal Doulton Elite is one of our highest specification ceramic filters, bringing together the very best in technology, research and materials. The ceramic micro filter outer shell filters particles, pathogenic bacteria and cysts; the carbon takes out chlorine and incorporates media to filter lead and prevent scale deposition. Together, these elements set a new standard in water quality. And with an LED indicator built-in to the etched tap, it’s easy to see when the water filter needs changing.
  • A premium ceramic water filter element setting a new standard in water quality
  • Pillar tap, ELITE filter and full installation kit in one single purchase
  • Discreet under-counter installation
  • Tap features an LED display to indicate when the filter needs changing
What's in the box
  • Royal Doulton Elite ceramic filter element
  • Dedicated Royal Doulton etched pillar tap with LED indicator
  • Full installation kit
  • The option to add a Pillar or 3-way mixer tap

Width: 187 mm

Height: 380 mm

Depth: 186 mm