Royal Doulton ELITE® Filter Element (4502)

SKU: W9123018-01
558,52 kr

Created exclusively for the Royal Doulton Elite Filter System, this under-sink water filter element is designed to filter a range of contaminants. The ceramic micro filter outer shell filters particles, pathogenic bacteria and cysts; the carbon reduces chlorine and incorporates media to filter lead and prevent scale deposition. This Royal Doulton approved part has been thoroughly tested in-house and independently, guaranteeing the best ceramic filter performance for better tasting water.

  • Ceramic shell fitted with an activated carbon block insert.
  • Filters particles, pathogenic bacteria and cysts; draws out chlorine and protects against limescale.
  • Only compatible with the Royal Doulton Elite Undercounter Filter System.
  • In-house and independently tested.
What's in the box
  • Royal Doulton Elite Replacement Candle

Width: 90 mm

Height: 94 mm

Depth: 332 mm