Doulton® Taste 2 Bottle with Water Filter

SKU: W9310014-01
455,83 kr
Color: Black

If you’re looking for a water bottle with filter, our insulated, BPA-free Taste 2 Water Bottle is the sustainable way to enjoy clean, filtered drinking water, wherever you are. With a generous 650ml capacity and superior filtration of up to 3 months consumption per filter, you can ensure the quality of your water for the long haul – with an improvement to both taste and odour.

The activated carbon barrier reduces chlorine, heavy metals, dirt and microplastics from your drinking water, plus, the bottle has been designed to maintain its chill for extended periods, so you can get that fresh, hydrated feeling, again and again.

As pioneers of filtration since 1826, Doulton’s® unrivalled expertise, experience and innovation is inherent in every product. All our portable filtered water bottles go through a rigorous testing process to guarantee consistently excellent results.

Because this bottle has a 650ml capacity, it ensures you stay hydrated throughout your day, reducing the need for constant refills. It's perfect for long journeys, extended workouts, or outdoor adventures.

At half the cost of the equivalent volume of mineral water and saving up to 900 single use plastic bottles, the Taste 2 is good for your wellbeing and the planet. With a Doulton® water filter bottle, you’re giving your body the best – so you can live a happier, healthier life to its full potential.

  • Insulated stainless steel water bottle
  • Provides you with clean, filtered water wherever you go
  • Effective filtration up to 3 months
  • Filters contaminants like chlorine, microplastics, dirt and heavy metal
    What's in the box
    • Taste 2 Water Bottle
    • Filter Cartridge

    Width: 70 mm

    Height: 260 mm

    Depth: 70 mm