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The NSF & WRAS Certified Ultracarb® comprises of a ceramic micro-filter outer shell, fitted with an activated carbon block insert containing lead removal media.

Benefits of the Ultracarb® ceramic filter include: Filtration of particles, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, etc. with additional chlorine, organics and lead removal capabilities*.

Size: 10″ (254mm) long x 2″ (49mm) diameter. 3/4″ (19mm) short mount.

*In-house & independently tested.

Our products are manufactured in an EPA registered establishment.

PLEASE NOTE: the Ultracarb is not compatible with Franke Systems.

Great tasting water for the whole family. The NSF & WRAS certified Ultracarb® filters the suspended solids, cloudiness, parasites, pathogenic bacteria, chlorine, bad taste & lead in your drinking water*.
*In-house & independently tested.
Our products are manufactured in an EPA registered establishment.
Doulton has been making ceramic water filters, in the UK, for nearly 200 years. The ceramic is made from natural materials; and it has 80% less plastic waste than other available synthetic cartridge filters. Only suitble for a mains pressure supply. The Ultracarb® is a standard BSP 10-inch water filter cartridge candle with NSF Certification.
During use, contaminants filtered from the water may build up on the outer surface of the ceramic cartridge and cause a reduction in flow through the unit. The cartridge will, therefore, need removing periodically for cleaning to restore the flow.
Cleaning frequency will be dependent on the condition of the incoming water. A cartridge that has reached the end of its life would be indicated by a reduction in the quality of the filtered water with respect to taste. The cartridge should be replaced in accordance with the rated service capacity, which would typically give a period of six months usage. BPA free.
PLEASE NOTE: the Ultracarb® is not compatible with Franke Systems.
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4 Digit Code 9501
Filter Type Ceramic Element
Width (mm) 49mm
Depth (mm) 49mm
Height (mm) 254mm + 19mm mount
Weight KG 0.380000
NSF Certified Yes
System Category Filter
System Type Undercounter & Countertop
WRAS Certified Yes
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Customer Questions
How do I clean a ceramic filter candle?

We recommend a gentle, evenly applied buffing with a scouring pad until the whiteness of the ceramic returns.

Rubber gloves are recommended to be used during cleaning and NEVER use soap or detergents. If rubber gloves are not worn, we recommend that you wash your hands before and after servicing the filter.

Ensure that the end of the plastic mount does not come into contact with unfiltered water.

See how to clean your filter.

Are all ceramic water filters the same?

Absolutely not. Doulton Water Filters are the original ceramic filter manufacturers and a globally trusted brand. We have been updating our groundbreaking filter design since 1826. We are a UK ISO accredited company offering independently and regularly tested water filters. Certifications held with NSF, WRAS, Lucideon and many more.


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Does my filter element work with hardness?

Yes, our undercounter Duo systems come with the option of a Limescale specific pre-filter that filters Limescale. Find out more here.

Do I need to sterilise the candle after cleaning?

No, there is no need to sterilise the ceramic candle. All our filters have bacteria inhibiting features built in.

Can I recycle my old ceramic filter?

You should be able to recycle the plastic mounts* and compost the old filter element or use it to help with drainage in the bottom of your plant pots.

* Check with your local recycling centres the mount is PPO and the adaptor ABS.

We suggest safely removing the mount using light pressure with a hammer to break it from the filter element. Next, cover the ceramic with an old rag and gently break it into small pieces, again using light pressure with a hammer.

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