British Berkefeld 8.5 Litre Insulating Gravity System Sleeve

SKU: W2395790-01
(N.B. This is for the Insulating Sleeve only, Gravity System not included)

Introducing the Ultimate Upgrade for your 8.5 Litre Gravity Water System – The British Berkefeld® Insulating Gravity System Sleeve!

Attention, water lovers and outdoor enthusiasts! We have some exciting news for you. Our brand-new Insulating Gravity System Sleeve is here to transform the way you enjoy clean, refreshing water, whether you're at home or exploring the great outdoors.

Stay Refreshed Longer - Our specially designed 4mm thick, slightly stretchable high quality neoprene sleeve keeps your water colder for extended periods. Say goodbye to lukewarm sips, and hello to a cooler refreshment, all in a stylish package!

Protect Your Investment - Keep your gravity system safe from minor dings and scratches with our durable neoprene cover. Your system deserves the best care, and we've got you covered.

Take It Anywhere - Lightweight and easy to carry, our sleeve is your perfect companion for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, fishing, picnics, and travel. Enjoy your water on the go, hassle-free!

Compatible and Easy to Use - Designed to perfectly fit the BB large Gravity System, our sleeve is a breeze to attach and remove. No more fumbling with complicated installations - just slide it on and enjoy.

Versatile Compatibility - While it's tailor-made for the BB large Gravity System, our slightly stretchable neoprene might just work with other systems too! Check the size specifications for compatibility and enhance your water experience.

Upgrade your hydration game today with the Insulating Gravity System Sleeve and enjoy cool, crisp water wherever your adventures take you. Don't wait; order now and experience the difference for yourself!

What's in the box
  • 1 x British Berkefeld Insulating Gravity System Sleeve