Removing Plastic From Drinking Water

Recent studies by Orb Media have shown that around 93% of bottled water contains microplastic particles, with one litre of bottled water containing an average of 10 plastic particles. The problem with microplastics doesn’t just stop at bottled water. The study also found that tap water can also contain microfibre particles. Although the contaminant levels are far lower than bottled water, the study found that tap water can contain around 4.45 pieces of microplastic per litre.

How To Remove Microplastics from Tap Drinking Water

Filtering your tap water and choosing to drink filtered tap water as an alternative to bottled water is a great way to avoid the consumption of microplastic particles. Orb Media discovered that 95% of the particles in bottled water were between 6.5 – 100 microns in size. The pores in the ceramic structure of a Doulton® water filter are less than 0.5 microns in size, providing an effective way of removing plastic from drinking water.

Doulton® offer a range of products including under-counter, counter-top and gravity fed water filter housings as well as a variety of ceramic candles and water treatment cartridges for removal of specific contaminants from tap water. Whilst under-counter and counter-top filters are ideal for use in the kitchen at home, gravity-fed water filters are the perfect solution for use outdoors or in locations with no reliable mains water supply.

Whilst removing >99.99% of contaminants, Doulton® ceramic filters retain all of the natural, healthy minerals that make your drinking water taste great. Doulton® water is a cost-effective alternative to bottled water, with plastic bottled water costing on average 500 times more than tap water.

Avoiding Microplastics in Bottled Water

Orb Media found that the majority of plastic particles found in bottled water matches a common plastic used for the bottle caps, suggesting that some of the plastic particles may enter the water through breaking the cap to open the bottle.

Staying hydrated whilst on the go is important, meaning we often pop into a shop to grab a single-use plastic water bottle. Using a reusable water bottle can eliminate the need to purchase plastic bottled water. The Doulton® TASTE bottle is the portable solution to healthy, clean water wherever you go. Fill up at home, and out and about will the assurance that your water is free from contaminants, including microplastics, and packed full of minerals.

Using a Doulton® water filter and Doulton® TASTE bottle are environmentally friendly alternatives to bottled water, helping to reduce consumption of microplastics and single-use plastic waste which often ends up in landfill and our oceans, harming wildlife, entering the ecosystem and damaging the planet.