Candle & Filter Replacement

Ensure your Doulton® water filter is in optimum condition and delivering the best quality water. Shop our range of replacement filter candles and choose from several pre-filter cartridges, designed to give you a tailored solution to filtering your water.

Under-Counter Filter Systems

Shop our range of under-counter filter systems, installed under the kitchen sink for delicious, healthy drinking water, straight from the tap.

Counter-Top Filter Systems

Doulton® counter-top water filters connect to the existing kitchen tap and sit next to the sink for quick and easy access to clean, healthy drinking water.

Gravity Fed Filter Systems

Shop Doulton® gravity fed water filters, compact, portable and the perfect solution to clean filtered drinking water away from home and on-the-go.

On The Go

Discover the Doulton Difference on the go with the Doulton Taste bottle®. The portable solution to healthy, clean water free from contaminants and packed full of minerals.


Doulton® offers a range of accessories for use with your filter system. Find taps, nuts, washers and installation kits here.

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Shop the entire Doulton® product range.