What is Chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical element that belongs to the same group as Fluorine, Bromine, and Iodine. This gaseous substance, identifiable by its bleach-like odour, plays a crucial role in the production of various chemicals and plastics.

Chlorine is a crucial disinfectant utilised by water companies. Its primary function involves treating drinking water at water treatment plants and ensuring clean, hygienic, and contaminant-free water pipes.


How Does Chlorine Get Into Your Water Supply?

In the UK, the regulatory bodies mandate the use of Chlorine to safeguard the water supply and avert disease outbreaks. Compared to other countries, a relatively low level of Chlorine is used to maintain the hygiene of our water system, and the amount in the water that comes from your tap, called the Residual Disinfectant, is usually below 0.5mg/l - perfectly safe and usually undetectable by taste or smell. It's essential to note that water companies may use higher amounts during network maintenance. 

Some individuals may be more sensitive to the taste and smell of Chlorine. Factors affecting this include your properties proximity to a water treatment facility and local water network maintenance. 

Are there any Benefits to Having Chlorine in Your Water?

Chlorine has been part of the UK water system for over a century, protecting against waterborne diseases like Cholera and Typhoid. 

What are the Risks of Lead in Your Water?

Ingesting high levels of chlorine can cause mouth and throat irritation, nausea and vomiting. The level of Chlorine in the UK's water system falls well below the WHO's baseline maximum of 5mg/l. So, your drinking waters' Chlorine levels are significantly lower than the harmful levels.

How Can You Remove Chlorine from Your Water?

If there is a noticeable level of Chlorine present, you can cool your tap water in the fridge, which will reduce the distinctive taste and smell – but this does not remove it.

You can also boil water for 15 to 20 minutes, which will remove Chlorine.

If you are concerned about Chlorine in your water supply, our Biotect Ultra & Ultra Sterasyl Ceramic Water filters can reduce Chlorine from municipal water supplies. Our Chlorine Reduction Cartridge, which can be used as a pre-filter in our undercounter HIP DUO & TRIO water filter systems, will also ensure your drinking water is free from the unpleasant taste or smell of Chlorine. 

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